Akune's Attractions

Akune's Nature Spots A healing paradise steeped in a tropical mood

The powerful northern rapid tides and tide of the Kuronoseto.
A 40km coastline facing the East China Sea, and Akune Oshima Island floating 2km off the coast. Enjoy the soft ambient noise of the waves as you pass the time in a completely carefree environment.
This is a healing paradise where humans and nature can live in unison.

Deer in the ocean!? Beach Resort Akune

Akune Oshima
  • ・Prefecturally Designated Nature Park
  • ・Listed as one of the Top 100 Pleasure Swimming Spots in Japan
  • ・Listed as one of the Top 100 Pine Forests in Japan
  • ・Water Quality AA

Wild deer will come out to greet you. Take a 10 minute boat ride to an island floating just 2km off the coast of Akune. A mecca for outdoor sports and water sports alike, this island is covered in a gorgeous pine forest 4km in circumference.
Long ago, this was known as the most beautiful of all the lands in the Satsuma Domain.
Mitsuhisa Shimazu, the lord of the Satsuma Domain at that time, released a pair of male and female deer on this island. Since then, the deer population has grown to over 120 deer that now reside on the island. There are infinite ways to enjoy this island! Gaze at the sun setting into the East China Sea, and enjoy the beautiful fishing lights under the starry night sky.

Akune Oshima Photo
  • Wakimoto Swimming Beach Photo
    Wakimoto Swimming Beach
    • ・Listed as one of the Top 100 Pleasure Swimming Spots in Japan
    • ・Water Quality AA

    Chosen as one of the top 100 best pleasure swimming spots in japan, this wide and shallow white sand beach stretches over a distance of 3km. There are beach huts nearby, plenty of things to see on the beach, and you can also enjoy outdoor sports and surfing here. In the summer the sea turtles lay their eggs here.

  • Okawashima Swimming Beach Photo
    Okawashima Swimming Beach
    • ・Water Quality AA

    Families with children can enjoy playing safely among the calm waves at this inlet beach. The nearby area is a winding ria coastline area. Why not enjoy some swimming amidst breathtaking panoramic views of nature?

Bountiful Nature Sightseeing Spots


One of Japan's most powerful rapid tides. The tide's flow is very fast and during low tide periods a phenomenon known as whirling tides occurs. A long time ago this widely known as a channel used by the denizens of the Satsuma Domain, known as the Hayato. Prince Nagata composed a well-known poem stating "I saw the channel where the Hayato of Satsuma live for the first time today / From a distance it was like a faraway cloud." This 2-line poem is recorded in the Manyoushuu, a book of famous Japanese 8th century poetry.

Kuronoseto Photo
  • Banshogaoka Park Photo
    Banshogaoka Park
    Parent and child in Banshogaoka Park

    A leisure park where you can enjoy numerous scenic views of the East China Sea and the Akune City area. The word "bansho" means "guard house"; during the Edo period there was a guard house here to watch out for smugglers, which is how the park got its name. You can enjoy the flowers here all year long, with cherries in the spring and cosmos in the fall. They have plenty of entertainment too, such as go-karts, miniature golf, and roller skating.

  • Sunset Road Photo
    Sunset Road

    This boardwalk located in Akune's New Port area serves as a ferry landing for boats going to Akune Oshima Island, an island selected as one of the 100 best pleasure swimming spots in Japan.
    There are also people enjoying fishing here on most days.
    When the sun starts to set you can revel in the beautiful ocean sunset and nighttime cityscape.

Akune's Iconic Vegetation

  • Myoporaceae Photo

    Myoporaceae is a family of evergreen shrubs that can be found growing in freshwater inlets with calm waves. These plants are designated as a protected species by Kagoshima Prefecture, as Akune City's lagoon district is the only place on Kyushu's mainland where they grow. The flowers are about 3cm in size, blooming every year from January to May.

  • Tsuwabuki Flowers Photo
    Tsuwabuki Flowers

    The tsuwabuki flower is designated as the official flower of Akune.
    An evergreen perennial Asteraceae, it can be seen growing all throughout the city.
    The flowers bloom from October to November, and the stalks of the plants are used as an ingredient in local cuisine.

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