Akune's Attractions

Akune's Gourmet and Specialties Akune's naturally grown rare specialties

Blessed with a temperate climate, Akune boasts Japan's highest output of citrus fruits such as bontans and dekopons. Their agricultural products are grown locally and then shipped all over Japan.

The blessings of Akune's mountains

The blessings of Akune's mountains Photo
Delicious foodstuffs raised in fertile land bontans

As a result of its temperate climate, Akune City is blessed with a vast variety of agriculture and forestry products, including: citrus fruits such as bontans and dekopons, fava beans and green peas, and varieties of mushrooms and young bamboo shoots. Livestock are also plentiful, their Japanese Black Beef that qualifies as grade 4 or higher is shipped under the brand name "Hanatsuru Wagyu." In recent years they have also been promoting products using wild game (such as boars and deer.)

Multicolored foodstuffs

  • Fruits


    Citrus fruits like bontans and dekopons are the representative specialty foods of Akune.

  • やさい


    They have a wide variety of vegetables such as cabbages and squash/pumpkins. Because they're raised in a warm climate they are packed with nutrients.

  • きのこ


    Akune's flavorful mushrooms are also popular. They grow a number of different mushrooms.

  • そら豆

    Fava beans

    Their fava beans and green peas are sold under the brand "Kagoshima Brand Sanchi."
    Their seasonal fava beans are delicious when cooked or boiled in salt, please give them a try!

  • Bamboo shoots

    Bamboo shoots

    The farmers here fuss over their soil condition and product quality which produces delicious bamboo shoots. They're also available in cans.

  • Meat (Japanese Black Beef)

    Meat (Japanese Black Beef)

    At the city's meat processing plant, thorough safety management is performed. The Akune Meat Circulation Center is a facility that has been authorized to handle EU-bound meat exports.

Made using local ingredients Original brand

  • Akune's Shochu

    Akune's Shochu

    Kagoshima is the shochu capital of Japan.
    Akune's has many skillful shochu brewers who meticulously craft high-quality shochu.

  • Year 3 Class A Brand

    Year 3 Class A Brand

    A food brand produced by the local Kakusho High School (formerly the Akune Agricultural High School)
    They use local ingredients to meticulously craft delicious flavors that are well-known even outside the prefecture.

  • Bontan sweets

    Bontan sweets

    When it comes to juicy citrus fruits, Akune's bontans are king. Hidden within its sweet flavors is a slight bitterness that will have you coming back for more.

The blessings of Akune's seas

The blessings of Akune's seas Photo
Delicious fresh fish and seafood from the East China Sea Akune's Hana-Aji

Akune's fishing harbor is notable for the wide variety of fish that are caught in it.
The coastal waters are home to Aji (horse mackerel), Pilchard, Silver-stripe round herring, Takaebi (Jack-knife prawns) and other fish. Sashimi and other products made using these fish are highly popular as souvenirs.
The region is also blessed with popular seasonal fish: purple sea urchins in spring and spiny lobsters in fall.

  • Akune's Hana-Aji

    Akune's Hana-Aji

    With firm meat and a good amount of fat, these fish are slightly sweet and have a texture similar to fatty tuna.
    These Aji fish are caught one at a time using fishing poles and are never touched with bare hands, and they are killed immediately before shipping in order to ensure the consumer can enjoy the freshest possible fish.

  • Tsukeage (Deep-fried fish paste)

    Tsukeage (Deep-fried fish paste)

    Within the suburbs of Akune City, this is a handmade product that has been made using highly polished techniques for many years.

  • Marine products

    Marine products

    Various products are made utilizing the aji, mackerels, and herrings that are caught in the East China Sea. These include Aki (dried cut fish), Mirinboshi (mirin-dried fish), and Maruboshi (dried whole fish.)

Local GourmetAkune has many different kinds of excellent uni donburi (sea urchin rice bowls) to try.
We highly recommend you try some.

  • うに丼

    Uni DonburiSpring

    During the prime time for sea urchin fishing (March~May), the "Uni Donburi Matsuri" is held. Akune's purple sea urchins may be on the small side, but they are packed with flavor!

  • Spiny Lobster

    Spiny LobsterAutumn

    In the fall fishing period the "Spiny Lobster Matsuri" is held. Akune's spiny lobsters have a strong flavor and their tender meat is tightly packed.

  • Takaebi Donburi

    Takaebi Donburi

    Takaebi (jack-knife prawns) are cooked with an herb called Mitsuba (similar to parsley) and then topped with a special sauce.
    The sweet shrimp and fragrant herbs form an irresistible combo.

  • あじめし


    The true Aji that are caught in Akune's harbor are sliced up, pickled in a special sauce, and then served over warm rice.

  • さばめし


    Fresh cold mackerel is vinegared with black vinegar and pickled in soy sauce and sesame oil, forming one of Akune's B-class gourmet dishes.

  • きびすき


    This is a dish that has been served for a very long time in Akune's port town, consisting of sukiyaki made with herring.
    The fish is boiled in a special dashi stock, then dipped in beaten egg to give it a soft texture that spreads through your mouth.

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