• Surfing on the beach of Akune


  • Akune Midokoi Festival  Enjoy Akune - A City Full of Tourist Delights!
  • Mt. Kasayama  Gaze out onto the East China Sea and Enjoy Akune s Four Beautiful Seasons!
  • Kuronoseto
  • Hamajinchō Park and Torigoe  Ancient Burial Ground
  • Sangatsu Toka Matsuri (March 10th Festival) A parade of amazing boats offers up prayers
  • Hikaruze and Tobashira Park  Power spots filled with light
  • Akune City / Kyūshū Invitational High School Long-Distance  Relay Race Competition A thrilling race between veteran high schools with their dignity on the line
  • Roadside Station Akune Have your fill of local gourmet and specialties A driving spot alongside Japan National Route 3
  • Hina-jyo Matsuri
  • Akune Local Museum A full collection of materials detailing folk customs, archaeology, and history.The transmission point for Akune City's culture.
  • Nigiwai Community Center - Akune Station A reception hall that welcomes sightseers A community center beloved by the region
  • Akune City's Oceans and Swimming Beaches Lots of beautiful beaches Along a 40km coastline!
  • Banshogaoka Park Fun for the whole family A high-elevation leisure park
  • Akune Bontan Road Race Dashing through a road full of bontans, an Akune winter tradition
  • Akune Sangyo Matsuri Akune, for lots of nature and tasty food
  • The Ebisu Matsuri A traditional festival to pray for bountiful fish hauls and safe voyages



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Akune City Hall Commerce and Tourism Division
200 Tsurumicho, Akune, Kagoshima Prefecture 899-1626, Japan
Phone (direct):0996-73-1114
Phone (direct):0996-72-3646