Banshogaoka Park Fun for the whole family A high-elevation leisure park

A leisure park located on high ground overlooking the East China Sea and the Akune City region. It is known as an excellent location for cherry blossoms in spring, and it also features flower beds that bloom with different flowers throughout the seasons. With its large grassy multipurpose plaza and festival space, you can run around as much as you want to. The Chobikko Plaza (Children's Plaza) features a boat-shaped athletic facility, and the multipurpose plaza features playground equipment shaped like a train station complete with a train! There's also a 1.2km go-kart course, electric cars, a roller-skate area, and more popular paid attractions. They also have a certified golf course and miniature golf so anyone from kids to adults can enjoy themselves the whole day. The park also has a walking promenade and nature walking courses. You can enjoy healthy living at your own pace.


Banshogaoka Park Facilities Introduction

  • Certified Ground Golf Course
    Certified Ground Golf Course

    An undulating 8-hole golf course certified by the Japan Ground Golf Association. All golfing equipment can be borrowed for free; the fee to play for 2 hours is 50 yen for elementary/middle/high school students and 110 yen for adults.

  • Multipurpose Plaza
    Multipurpose Plaza

    The widest open-area facility in the park. The southern corner features a train and train station playground. This playground was made using a technique called "universal design" which makes it accessible for small children and even people in wheelchairs.

  • Festival Plaza
    Festival Plaza

    A round and grassy plaza. With advance reservations it can be used for by organizations. It is also used as a landing area for emergency medical helicopters so during times of emergency its usage may be restricted.

  • Central Plaza
    Central Plaza

    A plaza surrounded by flowerbeds, located immediately up the central stairway connecting to the No. 1 parking lot. It features 2 gazebos of different sizes which can be used for various purposes such as lunches and rest breaks.

  • Chobikko Plaza
    Chobikko Plaza

    The boat-shaped athletic playground features 4 slides, a hanging bridge, and a climbing wall for kids to enjoy. The central lookout platform has a viewport that overlooks the coastline.

  • Observation Platform
    Observation Platform

    The park has 3 different observation platforms featuring different views for visitors to enjoy. The northeast viewing platform overlooks the city area and Mt. Shibi, and the southeast viewing platform overlooks the East China Sea and Koshikijima Islands.

  • General Administration Building
    General Administration Building

    This building is very striking with its green roof and wooden walls. Equipment rentals for the certified golf course, miniature golf, and roller-skate area are performed here.

  • Miniature Golf Course
    Miniature Golf Course

    A classic 9-hole miniature golf course. The fees are 160 yen for elementary/middle/high school students, 260 yen for adults. Rental fee includes a putter, ball rental, and a score sheet.

  • Roller-skate area
    Roller-skate area

    This elliptical skating rink has handrails so even beginners can skate safely. Skates can be rented for 1 hour at a time. The rental fees are 110 yen for young children, 310 yen for middle/high school students, and 520 yen for adults.

  • Electric cars
    Electric cars

    These mini-sized electric cars are shaped like police cars and ambulances; they're an especially popular attraction among young boys. The cars cost 100 yen for 90 seconds. Each car can hold 1 adult and 1 child.

  • Go-karts

    The longest course in the prefecture at a total length of 1.2km. The fee for one trip around the track is 310 yen for a 2-seat car or 220 yen for a 1-seat car. Enjoy racing around the course like you're a pro driver!


Akune City Nishime 6812-439
9:30AM 〜 6:00PM (April to September)、
9:30AM 〜 5:00PM (October to March)
Every Monday (In the event of a holiday on a Monday, the park will also be closed the next day—excluding the period from 7/20~8/31.)
Park is also closed from 12/31 to 1/1.
Akune City Hall Commerce and Tourism Division
200 Tsurumicho, Akune, Kagoshima Prefecture 899-1626, Japan
Phone (direct):0996-73-1114
Phone (direct):0996-72-3646