Onsens and Lodging

Onsens and Lodging

Akune Onsen

5 minute car drive from the Hisatsu Orange Railway Akune Station.
Akune Onsen, located near Takamatsugawa.
Near the beach, this hot spring is a "hot salt bath" spring. It is affectionately known as "Bijin-no-yu" (Hot water of beauty) because of its health and beauty benefits.

There is also "Bontan-yu" in winter, where Akune City's specialty bontan fruits are floated in the water. (From late December to late February)

[Water properties and effects]
A strong salt spring, it also contains high amounts of radon which is effective for skin diseases and women's diseases.

  • Hot springs hotels

    There are plenty of hot springs hotels overflowing with local food, smiles, and kindness.

    You can enjoy an abundance of Akune's fresh local cuisine. Then at night you can refresh your mind and body in Akune's "Bijin-no-yu."

  • Tachiyori-yu (Drop-by bath)

    Akune Onsen is known as "Bijin-no-yu" Calm, carefree, peaceful moments

    Akune Onsen is known for its beauty and health benefits. The beautifying water will smooth your skin and heal your heart as you soak in it. Enjoy floating bontan fruits in the water during the winter months, a custom known as "Bontan-yu."

  • Lodging

    This excellent location is perfect as a base for sightseeing or business. Extended-stay lodging is also available.

    There are also inns that feature fresh fish cuisine, rest spaces, event spaces, and business negotiation spaces. There's plenty of choices available to suit your travel needs.

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