Akune City's Oceans and Swimming Beaches Lots of beautiful beaches Along a 40km coastline!

Akune City's Oceans and Swimming Beaches

Akune City's Oceans and Swimming Beaches

Akune City has a 40km coastline running from north-to-south, facing out towards the East China Sea. With beautifully contrasting white sands and blue seas, these beaches are the perfect spot to enjoy a leisurely swim in the ocean. The water is very clear so you can swim as freely as you like, and you can enjoy partaking in water sports activities. You can enjoy walking along the beach, or gaze at the beautiful sunset over the ocean. There's no limit to the ways to have fun at Akune's beaches.

Wakimoto Beach A beautiful shallow beach where surfers gather


This shallow, wide, and sandy beach stretches over a distance of 3km. Blessed with clear waters and gentle sea breezes, it is also very safe, having been chosen as one of the 100 best leisure swimming locations in Japan. On a regular year the beach and beach huts open on the first Saturday of July. During summer when the sun is shining brightly there are always plenty of people having fun at the beach here. On the other hand, during the winter months the wind makes for ideal waves, which attracts many surfers from outside the city. Surrounded by nature, the sunsets here are particularly beautiful. Due to the fact that sea turtles lay eggs here every year from June to August, the city's people actively protect them by watching over them and discharging water from the area.

This shallow, wide, and sandy beach stretches over a distance of 3km
7346-3, Wakimoto, Akune City, Kagoshima Prefecture
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Coldwater Surf Classic

A surfing competition Challenging the seasonal winter waves

Wakimoto Beach's scenic beauty and clear seawater make it a favorite for surfers. When the northwest winter wind arrives, the waves here are perfect for surfing. A notable event here is the "Goldwater Surf Classic", held from January to February. This event draws over 80 amateur surfers from in and outside the city to compete in 7 different courses, such as beginner, open, and special courses. As their families and competition officials watch on, the surfers do a variety of amazing tricks as they traverse the waves. Once the competition is over everybody pitches in to help clean up the beach. At the awards ceremony, the highest-ranked surfer among the winners will receive the Akune Mayor's Cup.

A surfing competition Challenging the seasonal winter waves

Okawashima Beach Enjoy leisurely swimming in a calm inlet

If you drive about 10 miles to the south of the city, there's a beach in the Nishime District with a calm inlet. This white sandy beach is also wide and shallow, making it another safe place for kids to play and very popular with families. It's also recommended as a spot for enjoying water sports such as windsurfing or rock fishing. This serene beach is separated from the daily hustle and bustle of the city, meaning you can spend the time here in complete relaxation. The beach hut is open every year during the summer (From the first weekend in July to August) and features showers, dressing rooms, and rest areas. Around 2,000 people come to visit in-season, making it a very lively place.

Enjoy leisurely swimming in a calm inlet
10183, Nishime, Akune City, Kagoshima Prefecture

Ushi-no-hama Beach One of the best in the prefecture Unbelievably beautiful sunsets on the beach

Designated as a prefectural scenic location, Ushi-no-hama Beach is located in the western part of Akune City along Japan National Route 3. Positioned inside of the Akune Prefectural Nature Park, this beach faces out toward the East China Sea and a variety of rock formations that have been worn away by the rough waves. Across the blue ocean the Koshikijima Islands are visible. The large reefs against the coast are locally referred to as "ushise." The scenery here changes hour by hour, but the evening sunset is by far the most breathtaking sight. The late Edo-period Confucian historian Rai San'yo, on his way from Akune to Sendai, gave Ushi-no-hama Beach high praise, composing a poem called "Agune" about it. This poem is etched into a stone monument in Rai San'yo Park, located behind Hisatsu Orange Railways' Ushi-no-hama Station.

One of the best in the prefecture Unbelievably beautiful sunsets on the beach
Okawa, Akune City, Kagoshima Prefecture

Kagoshima/Akune Umi-no-eki A new place to enjoy aquatic leisure activities

"Kagoshima Akune Umi-no-eki" was opened in April 2016 as a new location for aquatic leisure activites, taking advantage of Akune's plentiful ocean. With yachts and pleasure boats are moored in the harbor's wharf, this is a cultural exchange point where you can enjoy sightseeing. The local volunteer organization "Akune Umi-no-eki Moritai" was responsible for the planning and management of this facility which is furnished with a full set of amenities, such as mooring for two ships, an information booth, toilets, parking lot, and even a refueling station. You can enjoy plenty of aquatic leisure activities here, whether you're using the Umi-no-eki as a way to access the ocean from Akune, or vice versa. They also have planned events such as fishing industry experiences. This is the perfect spot for a relaxing break by the ocean, for both kids and adults.

A new place to enjoy aquatic leisure activities
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